Thursday, December 2, 2010


This year was our year to have all the kids at our house!!! Toree got home Wednesday night and the party began. It was so nice to have everyone in the same house at the same time - I love when my whole family is together!!! We ate way to much (as usual) watched football (boring) and played Mexican train.
I have some scrap book paper that is really old and not so pretty anymore but Elli thinks it is the greatest thing to ever happen to her. We set up a table for her, gave her a glue stick, yarn and stickers and she was content for HOURS!!! (she even cleaned up her mess for me).
We did black friday at 4 in the afternoon haha. Got most of the shopping done - whew!!!
Toree talked us into going to IHOP for breakfast Saturday morning - we did that last year when we went to Vegas for Thanksgiving, then did a little more shopping. Kenny & Knox came over for the Utes football game and Kenny only scared Knox once with his yelling.
Toree was supposed to go home on Sunday but since we had a nice "little" snow storm she got to stay another day and went home Monday morning.
It was a great holiday weekend that I will have memories of for a long, long time!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Summer - I mean Fall nites

For the last 2 months Billy has been telling me that he wants to sleep outside. I kept telling him that when the mosquitoes are gone I will sleep out with him. Well Toree came home for the weekend and she wants to sleep out also. Billy was in 7th heaven!!! Well it finally happened...we slept out last night. We put the sleeping bags so they were not under the awning and we could see the stars. Gracie was not excited at all to sleep out so once I put her in her kennel I was finally able to sleep. What a good time and good memories!!!

Toree all snuggled in...

The morning after...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Girls Day Out...

Back in March or April Toree called me and told me that we should get tickets to go see Lion King at the Capital Theater in Salt Lake. Well I did the best I could and got 4 of them. Today was the day that we got to enjoy those tickets. Jenn, Elli, Toree & I spent the day in Salt Lake. We only almost got in a wreck 2 times..not bad I say. Anyway the show was AWESOME!!! Elli fell asleep on my lap and to a "power nap" for about 20 minutes. After the show we went to Chili's and had dinner. It was a great day spent with 3 of my favorite girls - I wish Chelsey & Ashley could have came with us but they had other things going on so they couldn't. Maybe next time!!
This is outside the theater

This is us waiting to get to our seats - we had a camera challenged lady take the picture

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Texas, Hawaii, new baby..OH MY

This has been one crazy summer already!!! In May Billy & I drove to Lake Jackson, TX (a LONG) drive to see our Uncle Frank (Bud) & Aunt Lorna Witt. Frank is Billy's only living uncle on either side of his family!! Below it is Lorna, Billy, myself and Frank at a mexican resturant in San Antonio.
The San Antonio River Walk
The Alamo
In June I flew over to the island of Kauai to stay with Toree for 2 weeks. She was over there to be a nanny but things didn't work out. We had a great adventure and it was great to spend time with her and become better friends than we already were. Billy didn't get to go with me...he had to stay home to support my spending LOL

Po'Pui Beach

Toree & I on a boat doing the Na Pali Coast tour. Talk about beautiful!!

Just chillin' at the beach

the two of us at some waterfall

just one of the views

haha this wasn't supposed to be one of the pictures..but you can see the beach below. It is called Hideaway beach and it is one hell of a hike to get to but so worth it!!

"We love shave ice...they are yummy!!!
This is the Wilcox family...Brad, Royden, Cheyenne, Christy & Desi. They were our God sent angels!!! We ended up not having a place to stay..this awesome family let us stay in their apartment basement without even know who we were (scary). They became great friends and Toree & I appreciate them more than they will ever know!!!
Last week we got our 3rd grandbaby...Camden Brant McFarland was born July 6, 2010 weighing in at 7 lbs 14 oz and 21 inches long.
His head was getting cold so he had to get his beenie on
Isn't he the beautiful!!!

Aunt Toree holding him for the first time

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dr's Appointments...UGHHH

At the first of the month I went to my ob-gyn for my annual physical and then that same day I went to the Dermatologist for my annual check up. Along with the crotchtologist it was time for the yearly mammogram. Well here are the results from those appointments
1 - ob-gyn - my Cholesterol is a little HIGH - Ineed to eat a low fat diet and exercise which I already do.
2- ob-gyn - the blood test on my liver is also high - come back in a month and have it retested.
3- dermatologist - I had a mole on my leg that he took off - pre-cancerous - come back in a week and have more surrounding tissue removed.
4- mammogram - possibility of abnormal growth in the right breast - come back for more tests.

OK REALLY!!!! Every appointment I had there was something wrong UGHHH!!!
The Cholesterol isn't high enough to worry about so it's OK.
Won't know about the liver until next month.
The mole is gone and now I will have a 1 inch scar on my leg.
The additional tests on my breast all came back normal.
It was a very scary,stressful and emotional couple of weeks but I'm glad that everything turned out OK. I guess it is good that I keep up on my appointments so that nothing gets out of hand!
These are some pictures of my mole
The first one is after the Dr. had initially taken the mole off.

This is the chunk that was taken off my leg.
It is about the size of a quarter and about
1/2 inch thick gross!!

This is the aftermath. I told the dr. I
didn't want no big ass ugly scar there!!
I will post a picture after the stitches are
taken out.

Sunday, February 28, 2010


When Billy & I went up to mom & dad's before Christmas mom was showing me all her Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving Cactus that she has. I made the comment that I wish I could grow them before when they bloom they are REALLY pretty. Well mom told me that I could take 3 of hers. I told her that I would probably kill them, to which she replied "I have plenty more". Well as you can see i haven't' killed them and one of them actually bloomed. I took pictures so I would have proof!! Also much to my amazement this one has more blooms on it and is going to be even prettier than the first time. My mom has the greenest thumb when it comes to flowers and I'm sure she wonders where she went wrong with me!! LOL I must admit as I get older the thought of growing flowers is becoming a little more interesting to me (not alot though).

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Amercia Concert

For Christmas Kim & Retta Hawker gave us tickets to the America concert in Wendover. It was last night in Wendover. The concert was AMAZING!!! America is one of my favorite groups and they did an amazing job performing. We got to Wendover in time for dinner and then was off to the concert. Afterwards I tried my hand at Roulette, I did pretty good - we only lost $30 LOL!!! Thanks Kim & Retta that was one great Christmas gift!!